Health center

Contact clinic Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 15.30
Nurse: Appointments Monday and Thursday
Nurse / doctor: Appointments Tuesday in just weeks
Midwife: meet one day a week starting at 16

At the clinic you can also get help from a physiotherapist. We collaborate with others working with child health and welfare of the municipality. If required we can refer children to further examination and treatment. Health clinics are organized into districts as follows school districts. It will be fixed nurse who is responsible for the individual family.


Health center Service is committed to

· Offering our services in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, national technical standards and local plans.
· Be professionally updated.
· Have routines to ensure high academic standards.
· Strive that you meet the same nurse at each consultation
· Creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere
· Be available
Health clinics are located at Koppangtunet and Eidskog medical center.
Residential road 45
2230 Skotterud