Mental health

Our mental health is very important for our well-being. There is much we can do ourselves to contribute to good mental health. Walks in the woods, good companionship and conversations with other people, tasty food  and cultural experiences, contact with animals and much more. 


During life, however many of us need professional help to safeguard our mental health.

For that we have mental health services in the municipality:
Office Address:
Eidskog Helsetun
Dalåsen 4
2230 Skotterud.
Monday - Friday from 08.00 to 15.30.

 The service includes

· Help people over 18 years having psychological difficulties.
· Preventive, therapeutic and rehabilitative work.
. Targeted support calls.
· Empowering
· Help people with dual diagnosis, drugs / psychiatry
· Interdisciplinary cooperation with other aid agencies and NGOs.
· Working for LEON principle (lowest, effective level of care)
· Provision of Individual Plans

We also have day care center: Dagsenteret Mulighuset